Integration Monday July/Aug 2020

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Over the summer we held a few events for Integration Monday that I just wanted to ping a few reminders about as we have an awesome backlog of over 100+ videos for Integration Monday. They are all available here: How to architect your apps to save 98% on your Azure bill Dan Bass joined us in August for his 2nd appearance on Integration Monday. Dan has been working on projects with his organisation delivering Serverless solutions for a [...]

Ignite 2020 Logic App Announcements – What

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This is a cross posting from the Integration Playbook Following on from my previous article about why I think Microsoft are extending the Logic Apps offering  I wanted to take a shot at attempting to describe how things will be changing. First off lets consider what we have now and then we will look at whats changing.  Also I will call out that at this point in time based on what Microsoft have said, I think there is [...]

Ignite 2020 Logic App Announcements – Why

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This is a cross post from the Integration Playbook Since Microsoft launched Logic Apps a few years ago it has been pretty successful.  There has been a lot of adoption and customers have solved some good business problems and have been able to be much more agile than they have previously been with Microsoft Integration technologies. I think in terms of development of Logic Apps we have seen great traction in the following areas: Customers building Enterprise Integration [...]

Using Power Platform to help EAI Testing part 2

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Recently I posted about how using Power Automate with Microsoft Teams and excel could be used to allow users to submit test data to interfaces while development was in progress on a project to allow you to get early feedback from systems and to help discover if there are data issues between systems on an EAI project. (again this is also on the integration playbook so check out here for more great articles ( Using excel isnt the [...]

Automate Registering an Event Grid Subscription for Logic Apps

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This is a cross post from my article in the Integration Playbook - If I am building a Logic App and want to subscribe for message from an event grid and have the messages forwarded to my Logic App then I can implement a Logic App with an HTTP request trigger and have a subscription setup to forward the events on event grid to the HTTP endpoint by using the push model and webhook endpoint on the [...]

Using Power Automate to help with Exploratory Testing for EAI projects

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This is a cross post of an article I have put in the Integration Playbook - When we work on Enterprise Integration project we are often part of a bigger programme where multiple systems are being changed or introduced as part of the project and interfaces between systems are required to make the solution do the thing the business needs. We often also have scenarios where we are building an interface with significant assumptions about what the [...]

Kudu Deploy of Azure Function in Devops

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This is an old one but I am catching up on my blog todo list and this little technique saved the day a while ago.  In an ideal world the deployment for an Azure Function using Azure DevOps is dead straight forward.  Get a Service Principal with the right permissions, configure the pipeline to use the Azure Function task and job done! Unfortunately sometimes organisational challenges make it difficult to get things done.  You really need to get [...]

The Get-AzLogicApp command was not found

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We have a number of build and release pipelines in Azure DevOps which have been running fine for ages and then recently (last week of August 2020) they started getting the below error: The 'Get-AzLogicApp' command was not found in the module Az.LogicApp I was using the Az powershell modules to deploy some integration account artefacts and my good friend Pedro Almeida also started getting the same error on his builds too. The awesome thing at work these [...]

Auto-Generate Typescript from Swagger

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Recently I was helping my brother with a web project. There was a requirement to consume an API which exposes swagger.  We wanted to generate some code from the swagger in typescript which would allow us to generate a client-side SDK for consuming the API. There are a few packages out there which do similar things. I took a look at a few but they seemed to make something which doesn't sound so complicated seem to be a [...]

Changing the name of your WebAPI controllers

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Recently I was creating a WebAPI using .net core and one of the things that is a pain is that when you run the api and look at your swagger the names of the controllers arent very friendly. By default if I have a controller called UserAppointmentsController then the swagger generated will look like the below picture. The class definition which gives me this looks like the below. Now Im sure someone will tell me there is an [...]