November 2014

Giving something back

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Around this time last year it was a pretty busy time what with the Microsoft MVP Summit and the BizTalk Summit in the same week and at the same time I was developing the RabbitMQ courses for Pluralsight. This week last year was also the first time we learned about some health problems which my son has dealt with amazingly over the last year too. During the last year I have also learned a lot about cardiac health [...]

Part 4 – API Gateway in the Cloud

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As I mentioned earlier in the series of articles there were a couple of projects where we implemented the API Gateway pattern which I wanted to discuss.  The 2nd project was a one where we also used Azure Service Bus and that introduced what I thought were some interesting new things.  As mentioned in Martin Fowlers Microservices articles some people will often use a messaging capability along with their services and I wanted to discuss how we evolved [...]

Part 3 – API Gateway that worked then went wrong

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In this article I want to talk about a real world example of a project which involved an API Gateway component and how even after some initial success the project deviated from the vision and where the architecture ended up and some of the problems associated with that. The original requirements of this project were that there was to be a burst of development of websites to support different initiatives happening in the business.  Most of these initiatives [...]

Part 2 – Services Platform Background

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Rather than just be a theoretical discussion about API Gateway, I want to bring in some real world stuff here.  I thought the best way to do this is to go through a couple of implementations but before I do that I need to lay out some background information and thinking behind how we developed our services approach.  This will help you to understand things within the examples and also are topics and ideas I hope you find [...]

Part 1 – API Gateway Discussion

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This article really came about from the twitter conversation on the below link: [] To elaborate on my original comment, what I was trying to say but requires more than 160 chars to effectively communicate was that I like the API Gateway pattern but it is also one you need to be careful with.  It is very easy to fall into an anti-pattern where your API gateway can become very complex and you end up losing all of [...]

Streaming Download from CRM in BizTalk

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Recently I've been working on some projects which involve integration with Dynamics CRM Online.  While CRM seems a pretty cool system to use there are some complexities that you need to deal with from an integration perspective to be able to effectively integrate with it.  This complexity mainly comes because CRM provides a highly configurable system for your users so the trade off is that when you integrate with it there will be some complexities around generic data [...]