December 2014

BizTalk Generic Streamed Download Pipeline Approach

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A few months ago I wrote a post about a way to implement a Streaming Download pipeline component for BizTalk which would download data from CRM.  The aim of the component was that we knew that there could potentially be a large amount of data returned by some of the queries which would be executed against CRM and over time the amount of data which we would download could grow.  With this in mind I developed this streaming [...]

Effectively combining BizTalk & NuGet

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Ive spoken to a few people in the past who have asked about the best way to manage 3rd party references that you want to get as NuGet packages for BizTalk engagements.  I have recently had to deal with this so thought it was worth writing something about how we did it. Firstly as a non BizTalk developer you might be thinking "what is the problem"?, well the problems are this: BizTalk requires assemblies to be installed in [...]

Azure Service Bus Topic Security

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When working with the topic pattern in Azure Service Bus it is easy to get up and running for a demo, but when you come to implement a real world solution you probably need to implement a more fine grained level of security than you demo would implement.  As an example in demo's everyone uses the root SAS key which has Send, Listen and Manage permissions for the entire namespace.  Easy to get up and running but if [...]

Azure Service Bus Authorization Setup

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Recently I had a discussion with Sam Vanhoutte at the Belgium Usergroup about an article he wrote about configuring permissions for Service Bus Relays.  Sam was spot on that many projects do not implement tight security around Service Bus because configuring detailed permissions is not as easy as we would like.  This made me think back to some stuff I did about configuring Service Bus permissions.  The tooling for Service Bus around the Azure portal and Service Bus [...]

Azure Service Bus & Larger Messages

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I have been meaning to get around to this article for a long time.  In the community I have read some articles which demonstrate sending a larger message through Azure Service Bus by using a session with the message.  This is helpful but I always felt there was a bit of a gap in the wider architecture discussion around these approaches.  There are a few different ways you can handle larger messages with Azure Service Bus and each [...]

Hybrid, Microservices & BizTalk Server Architecture Example

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While at the Integrate 2014 summit Microsoft introduced the new Microservices architecture vision and I felt that based on the great stuff we had seen it was worth throwing some ideas around in my Hybrid Connectivity options session around what an example integration architecture might look like if it included a BizTalk Server solution combined with Azure BizTalk Microservices. Obviously we dont know enough about the lower level detail to make too clear a prediction of what it [...]

Belgium User Group Slides

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Really pleased to be invited to speak at BTUG in Brussels this evening.  The sldies for this talk are the longer version of the talk I did at Integrate 2014 and are below.

Why im excited about BizTalk Microservices

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Recently I was at the Integrate 2014 summit which was excellently organised by BizTalk 360.  In this summit we learned about the vision and for the next wave of integration technologies and also got some demos of the bits that have been built so far.  In the 2013 BizTalk Summit (the predecessor to Integrate 2014) we were told about the plans for BizTalk Services v2.0 from a vision perspective where Microsoft introduced the Workflow, Adapters and Rules offerings [...]

Considerations for a Multi-Vendor Cloud Strategy

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On the back of some recent discussions following an outage at one of the cloud vendors the usual rounds of discussions came up again about how companies need to think about how to use multiple cloud vendors etc etc. While I generally agree with this I think the real context of this is a much more complicated discussion and unfortunately for many organisations time is not sufficiently invested to come up with an appropriate strategy around this. The [...]

Whats in your integration platform?

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I really enjoyed Kent Weare's presentation at Integrate this week which will be about some thoughts on helping companies with the decision around choosing the right technologies to make up their integration platform.  To accompany the talk there is a whitepaper which Steef-Jan Wiggers and I were asked by Kent to help him produce. Anyway on the back of that I was thinking a little about some of the different combinations of technologies Ive seen used to implement an integration [...]