Evolving Microsoft Integration

I have been working on a presentation this week and it got me thinking about how the technologies we use as integration architects working with the Microsoft platform has changed over the last few years.  I wanted to share my thoughts just to see what people think and how their experiences compare.

I have included a technology if:

  • It is a technology I have used in an integration solution
  • It is a technology I have had to talk to a customer about for an integration solution
  • It is a technology I have needed to research for integration solutions


Thinking back to 2009 and the below diagram represents the technologies in the estate integration architects needed to follow.




In 2013 we had a lot more technologies to think about.  I remember this was a picture I used at the London summit in the autumn of 2013.





By 2015 the technologies have exploded on the cloud and we now have something like the below which covers the technologies I expect to be using or talking about this year.


I guess thats before we get into the Microservices world!

I guess if you look at other vendors though you see they all offer a lot of products which work together as a platform where you can choose the right tools for the jobs you need.





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