February 2015

Dev Box Tools

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Today I was setting up a new dev machine on Azure and I used Chocolatey to get and install a bunch of the common tools I use on a typical development machine.  The script I used is below if anyone wants to try it. This got me thinking that we should as a community put together a set of widgets in Chocolatey to help setup out machines for BizTalk development.  If anyone has any ideas of what [...]

Azure Service Bus Relay Authorization Tokens with WebHttp

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Recently when I did the Minecraft + Azure blog post sample I'd been chatting with Josh Twist and Santosh Chandwani around some of the security stuff for Service Bus Relay and I learned a couple of things I wasnt already aware of and couldnt remember seeing in documentation or blog posts so I thought it was worth sharing.  Ages ago I had done a couple of blog posts about flowing additional tokens through relay on my old blog [...]

Azure API Management + Azure Service Bus + Minecraft

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Ok three things I bet you never thought you would hear together, Azure API Management, Azure Service Bus and Minecraft. Ill give you a minute to get over the WTF which im sure is going through your head about now but let's see how we can use Microsoft Azure to do some cool stuff in Minecraft. I know a little bit about Minecraft but compared to AJ (my 9 year old son who is an expert) I know [...]