April 2015

BizTalk Server vs Azure App Service – Positioning for different customer scenarios

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For the last few weeks ive listened in on discussions around how people perceive BizTalk Server and Azure App Service when used for integration. There are some really great comments and opinions out there but also a bunch of questions and concerns in the community with people not really understanding how the two technologies will align. I thought id share some of my thoughts on this to prompt a discussion. Ok, so there isnt a black and white [...]

BizTalk Server vNext (2016) – What 6 things would you like to see?

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Ok so there has been a little talk at the London BizTalk Summit about 2016 being the next expected release for BizTalk Server. If I could choose 5 things id like to see in it they would be: No limit on no. Apps in BizTalk Standard Edition Ability to consume Swagger Support on Azure IaaS AMQP Adapter API App Addins Proper Azure BizTalk Developer Machine   No limit on no. Apps in BizTalk Standard Edition This one really [...]

Analyzing your Azure EA Billing Data with Power BI

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UPDATE Oct 2015 There is now a content pack available for Power BI which lets you get some analysis of the Azure EA Billing data. http://blogs.msdn.com/b/powerbi/archive/2015/10/21/visualize-your-azure-enterprise-data-with-power-bi.aspx A whole bunch of people seem to still be using the below approach too so you might still want to check out the below.     Over the years most of the customers I have worked with have obtained an enterprise agreement (EA) for Microsoft Azure. There are many benefits to the [...]