May 2015

Integration Session from BizTalk Summit

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The video from the session I did with Oliver Davy at the London BizTalk Summit is now available online.  In this video we talked about why integration is important to the university of northumbria and how we saw the evolution of their integration platform. Finally we showed a demo from a reference architecture which used Minecraft to model and act out some business processes which flexed the integration platform which was implemented with Azure and BizTalk. See it [...]

RabbitMQ Training for .net & C#

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A few people have asked me recently about the courses I did for Pluralsight on RabbitMQ.  The courses are aimed at .net developers who want to learn about messaging and in particular how to use RabbitMQ from .net. There are two courses, the first course covers introductory topics and demos.  The second course delves into some of the more real world problems you might face such as exceptions and retries and stuff like that. If you are looking [...]