Consume Office 365 Graph API from BizTalk Server

I recently wrote a sample for a WCF behaviour extension to allow you to consume an API in BizTalk if it was secured with Azure Active Directory.

In this video I am going to demonstrate how to extend that sample to use the same approach to consume the Microsoft Graph API from BizTalk Server.  This approach will open up a lot of opportunities to integrate with things like Office 365, One Drive, Yammer, Skype and other services within the Office eco-system.  You can find out more about the Office 365 unified API on this link:

In the video below we will look at a simple example of how to extract information for the authenticated user via the API.  Once we have solved the connectivity and authentication scenario we open up a whole range of opportunities about how you can integrate BizTalk with the Microsoft SaaS platform.  It is really a case of crafting the appropriate JSON messages and ensuring you have the right permissions to do each action.



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