April 2016

Modern Business Intelligence with Microsoft Tech

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Recently I was discussing some thoughts on how to apply the current Microsoft technology to solving Business Intelligence problems. Microsoft's business intelligence or analytics software is named Power BI and more and more companies are investing in it at the moment. You can click here to find courses on how to use Power BI if you'd like to do the same, and hopefully this article can give you further guidance too. Although I am not a BI guy [...]

How did we use Azure on a recent BizTalk project?

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I have been involved in a BizTalk project recently and often people assume "I am doing BizTalk on-premise so why do I need Azure". On the face of it, this project would have been one of those who a few years ago probably wouldn't use the cloud but today and with a forward-thinking organisation we were able to leverage the cloud to really help us. By the way, if you like this article you may find the Integrate [...]

Integration Monday – Call for Speakers

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A little over a year ago Saravana Kumar and Mike Stephenson started off the idea of integration Monday. It originated on the back of one of the Integrate summits and we felt that while big summits are cool the challenge is that technology is changing weekly and we wanted to create something where we could give people an opportunity to learn about technology on a weekly basis. The webcast is ran at 7:30pm UK time each week. So [...]

Application Insights for Integration Developers

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Recently I presented an Integration Monday session where I talked about how integration developers could leverage Application Insights on Azure to be able to improve the monitoring experience of the typical components we have and I also talked about product positioning and how it might relate to other monitoring and devops style tools.  I showed how you might use it in REST API components, WCF components and also in BizTalk applications. The video for integration monday is on [...]