November 2016

How do I get to Dynamics CRM Admin Centre post Dynamics 365?

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Recently microsoft brought out dynamics 365 which im sure if a cool step forwards for the dynamics eco-system but one thing bamboozled me.  When opening CRM from the Office 365 admin screen it takes you to a page to admin your CRM instances where you can do updates and resets and other key admin tasks. Since the 365 update there is no longer a link to this area.  A few WTF`s out of the way and it seems [...]

Microsoft Teams for Integration Teams

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Today we have so many technologies available when it comes to developing integration solutions. And now that we have the option of using features like sharepoint analytics, improving productivity and gaining access to data and vital information within a business has never been easier. In some ways things are a lot easier and in other ways things are harder. One thing is for sure that in technology there has been a lot of change. For many organisations one [...]

Integration Monday with BizTalk Product Group

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Tonight we had loads of people on the integration monday webcast and there were a few people who wanted the slides asap to share with their teams.  We will be posting the video from tonights session and the slides on the link below tomorrow once the video is processed as we do each week along side all past events. For those who wanted slides asap just sharing them here temporarily but do check back on the below link [...]