February 2017

Azure Resource Groups and Cloud Integration Platform

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One of my favourite things in Azure is the ability to group stuff into resource groups. Maybe it's a reflection on myself but I hate looking at messy environments that look like a kid has just emptied their toy box over the floor. With resource groups you have the ability to group related stuff together in kind of a sandbox. Now there are much more powerful features to resource groups such as the ability to automate their setup [...]

Serverless vs Codeless in the Microsoft Integration Platform

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While chatting to Jeff Holland on integration Monday this evening I mentioned some thinking I had been doing around how to articulate the various products within the Microsoft Integration Platform in terms of their codeless vs Serverless nature. Below is a rough diagram with me brain dumping a rough idea where each product would be in terms of these two axis. (Note: This is just my rough approximation of where things could be positioned) If you look at [...]

Create a hybrid API when you have brittle underlying LOB applications

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Recently I have been thinking about a sample use case where you may want to expose legacy applications via a hybrid API but you have the challenge that the underlying LOB applications are not really fit for purpose to be the underlying sub-systems for a hybrid API. In this case we have some information held across 2 databases which are years old and clogged full of crappy technical debt which has festered over the years. Creating an API [...]

Returning Static Data from Azure APIM Operations using Blob Storage

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Recently I was working with Azure API Management creating an API and I needed to create an operation which would return some relatively constant/static data. Lets say for example this was some configuration data such as a list of settings an app could use. With this scenario the challenge is how to implement the solution without having to write much code and making something which will perform well and which will be easy to maintain. I quite like [...]