March 2017

Mulesoft IPO and what it means for Microsoft System Integrators

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A friend shared a couple of links with me recently about the Mulesoft IPO which is happening soon and it got me thinking about how this might affect us in the Microsoft integration world. First off those links: It is really interesting to see a major move like this by one of the big iPaas players. Mulesoft is a company I have followed for some time, in particular during the years when Microsoft were making [...]

Dealing with Bad Data in Integration Solutions

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When we build integration solutions one of the biggest challenges we face is "sh!t in sh!t out". Explained more eloquently we often have line of business systems which have some poor data in it and then we have to massage this and work around it in the integration solution so that the receivers of the data don't break when they get that data. Also sometimes the receiver doesn't break but its functionality is impaired by poor data. Having [...]