April 2017

Tactical Integration with Logic Apps

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As an integration architect you usually work with customers trying to build a platform which deals with all of the different types of integration they want to do and you try to find the right balance of technologies to build an effective and efficient platform which will have a good reputation within your customers business. This all sounds great and is done with the best of intentions but the problem is that stealth IT is a thing. How [...]

BizTalk and Azure Functions

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Recently I had the opportunity to look at the options for combining BizTalk and Azure Functions for some real world scenarios. The most likely scenarios today are: Call a function using the HTTP trigger Add a message to a service bus queue and allow the function to execute via the Service Bus trigger This is great because this gives us support for synchronous and asynchronous execution of a function from BizTalk. The queue option doesn't really need any [...]

Testing Logic Apps

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Recently i did a session on integration monday covering how you could do automated testing of Logic Apps with Specflow. The video and slides are available on = http://www.integrationusergroup.com/automated-testing-logic-apps-specflow/ A few people have asked for the sample code i used, this can be downloaded below https://cscblogsamples.blob.core.windows.net/publicblogsamples/LogicAppTesting-Demo.zip   Please note that i have modified the logic app in the designer to remove subscription guid and also other settings from the tests config file.  You will need to supply your own [...]