May 2017

BizTalk Map as an Azure Function

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Every now and then as an architect you would get a request to be able to expose a mapping service for another application to consume and the requirement was preferred if the map was exposed over HTTP so it could be called in real time without the message box over head from executing the map internally to BizTalk. There were a number of solutions which evolved to do this, even the ESB toolkit offered some of these kind [...]

BizTalk + Azure Functions – Upload to AWS S3

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Recently I had a requirement to extend one of our BizTalk solutions, this solution was around user synchronisation. We have 2 interfaces for user synchronisation, one supporting applications which require a batch interface and one which supports messaging. In this case the requirement was to send a daily batch file of all users to a partner so they could setup access control for our users to their system. This is quite a common scenario when you use a [...]

Empowering your Integration Platform with Service Bus

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In todays organisations there is a massive theme that API's and iPaaS are the keys to building modern applications because these technologies simplify the integration experience. While this is true I think one of the things that is regularly forgotten is the power of a well thought out messaging element within your architecture. When building solutions with API's and iPaaS we are often implementing patterns where an action in one application will result in an RPC call to [...]