July 2017

Documenting a Logic Apps solution

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One of the biggest challenges in integration projects over the years is how to manage the relationship between the implementation of your solution and the documentation describing the intention of the solution and how it works and how to look after it. We have been through paradigm shifts where projects were writing extensive documentation before a single line of code was written through to the more agile approaches with leaner documentation done in a just in time fashion. [...]

Azure Data Factory and Dynamics CRM Online

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Recently ive been looking at downloading some data from Dynamics CRM Online to Azure Data Lake using Azure Data Factory but I found there was little if any guidance on how to do it with CRM.  There is an OData connector in Data Factory but there was no samples to show you how to use CRM so i decided to do a little nugget video below.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIUNfwbUm-I   Also just to call out a couple of Gotchas: [...]

What type of integration do you do?

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Over the last few years I've worked with a number of different organisations and one of the interesting trends I have seen is around the core mindset to how that organisation does integration. Your first thought is probably "Mike isn't this just their architecture" but I would argue that many companies have an immature integration architecture and way of working when it comes to integration. What I mean rather than their architecture is more like their first thought [...]

Custom CRM Portals Super-Charged by an Azure Data Layer

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I wanted to talk a little about the architecture I designed recently for a Dynamics CRM + Portal + Integration project. In the initial stages of the project a number of options were considered for a Portal (or group of portals) which would support staff, students and other users which would integrate with Dynamics CRM and other applications in the application estate. One of the challenges I could see coming up in the architecture was the level of [...]

Logic App – Upsert to SharePoint List

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Recently I wrote an article about how I was uploading bank info from Barclays to my Office 365 environment and into a SharePoint list. http://microsoftintegration.guru/2017/06/29/logic-apps-integration-for-small-business/ In the article I got the scenario working but I mentioned that I didn't really like the implementation too much and I felt sure there were tidier ways to implement the Logic App. This prompted swapping a few emails with Jeff Holland on the product team at Microsoft and he gave me some [...]