October 2017

Can the user modify the Integration solution – Discuss

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Recently I had a chat with a few people at a company about integration solutions and a question came up which I remember not having been asked in a while. "Will the business users be able to modify the solution after its live". Back in the day you used to get asked this quite often but I don't remember being asked this one for a while. I do know that the technology landscape has changed a lot since [...]

TechUG – Newcastle Sept 2017 – Logic Apps

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I was invited to talk at TechUG in Newcastle last week.  TechUG is a pretty impressive user group, it is based in the UK and is a partnership of 8 IT Pro based user groups based in 8 cities in the UK.  They run 2 events per year in each city and are very popular with a twitter following well north of 10k. Ive spoken at TechUG a number of times before and its nice to get the [...]