June 2018

Accelerating Business Opportunities with Power Apps and Integration

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Recently I have been looking at some opportunities to utilise the new Model-Driven capabilities in Power Apps. I spent some time at Integrate 2018 chatting to Kent Weare about some of its capabilities and realised it was a great fit for some of the architecture challenges we have. Before I go into some of the opportunities in a sample architecture lets consider an existing setup. Existing Architecture In the existing architecture we have a cloud hosted integration platform [...]

Troubleshooting Shopify Performance Issues with Azure Application Insights

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Recently I was looking at a Shopify store and the customer wanted to get a better understanding of the customer experience. They suspected a couple of performance issues existed that was having an adverse effect but they were unable to be sure. Shopify is an extremely difficult platform to be visible in which is why shopify seo is so effective. It allows businesses that use Shopify to reach and interact with their customers as seen through tools similar [...]

Discussions about BizTalk Support Product Lifecycle at Integrate 2018

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At the recent Integrate 2018 summit the Q&A drew some contentious questions from the audience about the next version of BizTalk and when it is going to be.  What was clear is that the product teams new approach of having a customer feedback driven back log means they have been busy and successful in delivering changes to Logic Apps and also the BizTalk feature pack and having just completed those they have not planned the next major release [...]