Testing Logic Apps

Recently i did a session on integration monday covering how you could do automated testing of Logic Apps with Specflow. The video and slides are available on = http://www.integrationusergroup.com/automated-testing-logic-apps-specflow/ A few people have asked for the sample code i used, this can be downloaded below https://cscblogsamples.blob.core.windows.net/publicblogsamples/LogicAppTesting-Demo.zip   Please note that i have modified the logic app […]

Mulesoft IPO and what it means for Microsoft System Integrators

A friend shared a couple of links with me recently about the Mulesoft IPO which is happening soon and it got me thinking about how this might affect us in the Microsoft integration world. First off those links: http://tomtunguz.com/mulesoft-s-1/ https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1374684/000119312517047884/d287291ds1.htm http://www.cnbc.com/2017/03/06/mulesoft-ipo-test-public-markets-appetite-for-unicorns.html It is really interesting to see a major move like this by one of […]