March 2020

Call for Speaker – Data Factory

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At Integration Monday we are currently looking to add some more sessions to our schedule over the coming months covering areas around Azure Data Factory and ETL, ELT type scenarios implemented with Azure. If you would be interested in talking about this on our webinars please use the below form to get in touch. What is Integration Monday Integration Monday is an online user group community where for the last few years we have tried to run webinars [...]

November 2019

Logic App Service Window

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Ive recently added an article to the integration playbook which is available on the below link. I discuss how to implement a service window pattern with Azure Logic Apps

August 2019

March 2019

Serverless 360 Composite App Treeview

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I submitted a feature request to Saravana/Arun recently with requirements for a treeview to help me better understand my serverless estate and to manage it in Serverless 360. I also wrote a post for their blog about how cool the feature is and how it helps me:

Microsoft Power Platform at Newcastle Power BI User Group

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Recently I was asked by the team that run the Newcastle Power BI meetup to run a session which would help the audience to understand where Power BI fits in the ecosystem Microsoft has created around the Business Application Platform. I talked about the high level product positioning, also discussed Power Apps and Flow and examples of architectures where they work together to solve business problems. This session was pretty popular and i have attached the slides below [...]

February 2019

Robotic Process Automation

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Recently in the Integration Playbook I wrote an article about how Azure customers my consider some of the use cases for RPA tools and also gave a shout out to a couple of vendors in the Azure Marketplace who can provide good RPA solutions.

iPaaS on Microsoft

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One of the new articles I wrote in the Integration Playbook is about how the Microsoft integration technologies correlate to the definition of iPaaS. To findout more check this link:

Where is my message

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Recently I wrote a whitepaper for Atomic Scope discussing the common integration problem of "Where is my message". You can check this out here: