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Whats in your integration platform?

I really enjoyed Kent Weare’s presentation at Integrate this week which will be about some thoughts on helping companies with the decision around choosing the right technologies to make up their integration platform.  To accompany the talk there is a whitepaper which Steef-Jan Wiggers and I were asked by Kent to help…

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Hopping around the world with an Azure VM

Some of you know that recently I’ve been in Hong Kong helping a company with some Azure hosted BizTalk stuff.  For a long time now I have hosted all of my BizTalk development environments in Azure but they are usually hosted in Ireland.  When I went out to Hong Kong…

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Older Blog Posts

This is my new blog feed, but many of my older articles can be found on the following link: http://geekswithblogs.net/michaelstephenson Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

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