I am very active in the IT community around integration and some of my adventures are discussed on this page.



I have been asked to provide my opinion on things a few times.  Below are some interviews with me:

  • The “famous” Richard Seroter 4 Questions Series – Click Here
  • Technet Wiki Interview – Click Here


CloudCast Webcasts

I have produced 8 webcasts for the cloudcasts webcast platform including some which were in the BizTalk 2009 Light & Easy Series.  Some of those videos are below:


UK Connected Systems User Group

I help to organize meetings for the UK Connected Systems User Group which runs in person and online events about integration related topics for IT professionals in the UK.  I am also a regular speaker at the events.

You can find out more about the user group at the following site:


Open Source Projects

I am a co-coordinator or contributor to a number of open source projects.  Some of them are listed below:

This is a tool to help you centrally manage those configuration settings which change between environments.  This can then be plugged into your development processes and build servers, etc.

This is a tool which can be used to examine your code base to do some analysis or the size and complexity of the code.  This is a great way to help you do migration projects by measuring the existing code to workout some real figures to base your estimates on and to also allow you to work out the risky areas with in the code base.

This is a tool which could look at a BizTalk solution you have manually deployed to your development machine and then reverse engineer a build script which could help you to deploy it repeatedly.

This is a sample project which demonstrates how you can use powershell or msbuild to automate the deployment and setup of Azure Service Bus namespaces and all of the queues within them.

This is a framework project which makes it easier to work with Azure Service Bus.  It also provides a hosting service so you can add message handlers to manage the processing of messages received rather than having to write all of the plumbing code.

This is a project which provides a framework which was used in one of my videos to demonstrate the automation of testing of BizTalk HL7 solutions.  The framework allows you to work with the MLLP protocol used in many HL7 solutions and to simulate the external applications in your tests.


BizTalk BlogDoc

A number of my articles have appeared in BizTalk BlogDoc and BizTalk 24/7.  Click Here to find out more about them.


BizTalk Maturity Assessment

I brought together a group of BizTalk MVP’s and key influencers or industry experts who have a lot of BizTalk experience and put together the BizTalk Maturity Assessment.  This assessment is aimed at helping companies to understand what good looks like in terms of using BizTalk within your organisation.  The assessment output can then be used to help you to understand any areas you may be struggling with and to help you measure improvement initiatives.

The assessment can also be used by a customer to measure that an implementation partner is doing a good job or also by the implementation partner to demonstrate to the customer that they are following recognised good practices.  The assessment is free to download and use and there is also a list of contributors on the website who you can contact if you wish to get some help from someone local to your area.

More info is on the following link:


Samples and Code

The following are small samples and code snippets I have produced: