Changing the name of your WebAPI controllers

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Recently I was creating a WebAPI using .net core and one of the things that is a pain is that when you run the api and look at your swagger the names of the controllers arent very friendly. By default if I have a controller called UserAppointmentsController then the swagger generated will look like the below picture. The class definition which gives me this looks like the below. Now Im sure someone will tell me there is an [...]

Introducing Serverless360 Resource Map for Azure

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At Integrate 2020 we announced the release of Resource Map which is a new feature in Serverless360. The aim of the feature is to help you organise your cloud estate and keep it structures within a logical model which will help to demystify the complexity of viewing your estate through the physical deployment model which the Azure Portal gives you. Resource Map will allow you to group resources into logical scopes which will make sense to a non [...]

SL360 Business Activity Monitoring for Azure Integration Services

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Recently I did a series of videos showing how you can use the Business Activity Monitoring feature in Serverless360 to get end to end tracking for Azure Integration Services including Logic Apps, Power Automate Flows, API Management, etc. The series covers a bunch of different features and scenarios which people will be interested in. More info is in the Integration Playbook -

Using BAM to Track SAP IDocs

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Recently I added an article to the integration playbook talking about how to use BAM in Serverless360 to track IDocs being processed by Azure Integration Services in a Logic Apps and Service Bus solution.  Check out more on the video and article here:

Pragmatic Approach to Configuring Logic App Parameters

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Recently I added to the Integration Playbook an article talking about how we handle configuration settings for Logic Apps on the local dev box and devops pipelines with App Config, Key Vault and Pipeline Variables.  There are a few videos walking through the approach

Recent Serverless 360 Features to help Support Logic Apps

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I need to blog more about the things we are doing with Serverless 360, thought id take the change to talk about some of the features we put in a while ago before my update talk this week at Integrate.  Recently we added some cool features to Serverless360 to help with the operations and runtime management of Logic Apps.  Some of the ones I like best are discussed below. Logic App Dashboard The Logic App dashboard is automatically [...]

Managing Tags on Azure Resources

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I have added an article to the integration playbook covering the approach we use to managing tags on Azure resources to help you maintain some governance practices. Read more about this article on the integration playbook

Azure Integration & BAM Video Series

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Recently Ive added a series of videos to the Integration Playbook which talk through how to use BAM with Azure Integration Services. Some of the ones you might find interesting include: IntroductionConditionsSimple CorrelationRelated TransactionsDebatchingOut of order eventsAdvanced scenarios with Checkpoint with CorrelationBAM with Power Automate & Logic AppsUsing APIM as a Proxy to BAM

Call for Speakers – Azure DevOps Manual Testing

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At Integration Monday we are currently looking to add some more sessions to our schedule covering scenarios where people are using Azure DevOps test plan features to help manage and execute tests and the testing lifecycle. In particular we would be interested in hearing from people who are using tests for integration solutions. If you would be interested in talking about this on our webinars please use the below form to get in touch. What is Integration Monday [...]

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