Persistence and Recoverability on the Microsoft Platform

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Recently I added an article to the integration playbook which compares the different approaches used for Durability, Persistence and Retry across the various microsoft technologies such as BizTalk, Logic Apps, Event Grid, Event Hubs, Service Bus Messaging and Functions You can read more here -

Robotic Process Automation

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Recently in the Integration Playbook I wrote an article about how Azure customers my consider some of the use cases for RPA tools and also gave a shout out to a couple of vendors in the Azure Marketplace who can provide good RPA solutions.

iPaaS on Microsoft

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One of the new articles I wrote in the Integration Playbook is about how the Microsoft integration technologies correlate to the definition of iPaaS. To findout more check this link:

Integration Playbook

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I have just launched the Integration Playbook which I have had in mind for a few years but only recently got around to doing. The idea is a community resource aimed at Architects, CTO and Leads. The resource will provide information, guidance and insights around common architecture and integration topics and relate them to the Microsoft technology stack. Where do I use which technologyHow does Microsoft relate to this IT or architecture topicHow can integration architecture help me [...]

Where is my message

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Recently I wrote a whitepaper for Atomic Scope discussing the common integration problem of "Where is my message". You can check this out here:

Azure AD Set Passwords to Not Expire

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This blog post is more of a reminder for myself as much as anything. I had a need to mark some service accounts in Azure AD so that their passwords dont expire. The aim was that we had a few service accounts used in a couple of places and we wanted to have a controlled process to change their passwords. To do this we did the following: Create a group to store associate all of the service accounts [...]

Inserting lots of rows into SQL with a Logic App and a Stored Procedure

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When you are working with API's and Logic Apps and there is lots of rows of data involved you will sometimes come up with the following problems: An API often pages the data once you go beyond a certain number of records When you want to insert lots of rows with a Logic App into SQL you will usually have a loop which iterates over a dataset and does inserts This takes a long time to execute There [...]