This page contains details of some of the whitepapers I’ve written.


Flowing a Windows Identity through Azure Service Bus Queues

This article discusses the challenge of identity flow when queues are involved and shows how a windows identity can be passed through a queue and then how you can impersonate and delegate with that identity when accessing downstream systems.

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Technologies: C#, Azure Service Bus, Kerberos


Architectural Thoughts on JSON from a BizTalk Perspective

This whitepaper discusses what JSON means for BizTalk developers and considerations which need to be made in the use of JSON and the REST adapter.

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Technologies: BizTalk, JSON, REST


BizTalk Solution Analyser

This whitepaper and associated tool will help you to understand and measure the complexity of your BizTalk solution to help you to manage the cost of ownership of your BizTalk investment.  There is an associated tool on Codeplex which will help you to measure your code and to integrate it into your continuous integration environment.  The codeplex project is at: http://biztalksolutionanaly.codeplex.com/

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Technologies: BizTalk


Monitoring BizTalk with HP Openview

This paper discussed the monitoring of BizTalk solutions and how a project used HP Openview to monitor BizTalk Server

Article Link: Click Here
Technologies: BizTalk, HP Openview


Integrating BizTalk and NServiceBus

This paper discussed the idea of combining the use of BizTalk and NServiceBus and walks through various scenarios about how you can do this.

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Technologies: BizTalk, NServiceBus